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...The Line Begins To Blur...

for my soul is too sick and too little and too late

24 July
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Eva.18.Paris.Art Addict.Dreamer.Idealistic.Imaginative.
Favorite Movies : American Beauty. Apocalypto. Black. Crash. DDLJ. Dor. Fanaa. Fight Club. Gladiator. KHNH. LOTR. Moulin Rouge. RNBDJ. Se7en. Seven Pounds. Silence of the Lambs. The Fountain. Usual Suspect.
Music : Alternative. Rock. Metal. Hindi. Ambiance. Electro. Pop. Dance. New Wave. Movie Soundtrack.
NIN. Clint Mansell. Aphex Twin. Radiohead. David Bowie. The Cure. Depeche Mode. God is an Astronaut.

What I :heart:
Favorite Tv shows : Alias . Roswell. BTVS. Fringe. How I Met Your Mother. Friends. Nip/Tuck. Gossip Girl. CSI. Dawson's Creek. The OC. Futurama...
Favorite Hindi Actors : Kajol. SRK. Aamir Khan. Rani Mukherji. Saif Ali Khan. Preity Zinta. Aishwarya Rai. Hrithik Roshan. Abhishek Bachchan. Ajay Devgan. Sonam Kapoor. Priyanka Chopra. Imran Khan.
Favorite TV show Pairing : Sydney/Vaughn. Max/Liz. Spike/Buffy. Pacey/Joey. Peter/Olivia. Blair/Dan.
Favorite Hindi Pairing : SRK/Kajol. Aamir/Kajol. Saif Ali Khan/Rani Mukherji. SRK/Juhi Chawla. Aishwarya Rai/Hrithik.

Websites : Hybrid Magic. Moargh. Rain Harbour. Katastrophee. Obsidiandawn. Feel. The Butterfly. Ex-posed. exposé@lightsmb.com
Livejournals : Aulxdayz. Babliz. Bambinainnero. Cdg. Chaoticfae. Cielo_icon. Crazydelight. Dearest[Community]. Innocent_lexys. Ivision. Lifeisdolce. Lookslikerain. Lore_85. Loveicon. Luux_lu. Mozart. Nokitas. Nivani. Oum_Boojae. Pale_septembre. Palebird. Peak77. Phaantasia. Piemin. Rocasolano. Rizny. sexy_mood_music. Sparknatural. Spooky_window. Tove_91. Tralala_icons. Uncreativ. Vol4ita. Worship_elle. Xgraphicjunkie. Yunhe.
Screencaps: Tvshow (BTVS - Roswell) :
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LJ: _coccy
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Web: Screencap Heaven - Home of the Nutty
LJ: Peak77 * Trolley
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